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2024/07/04 One extra catalog added to our Sotheby’s New York auction section: 29 Oct 1976.
2024/07/04 Three extra catalogs added to our Sotheby’s London auction section: 27 Mar 1990, 14 Jun 1990, & 14 Mar 1991.
2024/06/15 Australian Haydn Ensemble’s The Mozart Album added to Discography
2024/06/15 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2024 Carmel Bach Festival
2023/12/16 Leah Doust Work Experience
2023/12/23 Salut! BAROQUE’s From Paris to Versailles added to Discography
2023/09/23 A Viennese Bouquet added to Discography
2023/08/21 Maggie Zeng Work Experience
2023/08/02 6 Concerti Grossi added to Discography
2023/07/07 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2023 Carmel Bach Festival
2023/06/03 Chloe Chua & Singapore Symphony’s Vivaldi Four Seasons & Locatelli Harmonic Labyrinth added to Discography
2023/06/02 The Muffat Collective’s From Venice to Versailles added to Discography
2023/05/02 Accordage du clavicorde lié « King of Sweden » de Zuckermann
2023/04/09 2022 Ruckers Double added to Custom Gallery
2022/08/30 Lucas Chen Work Experience
2022/07/10 CBH Press Gallery — Music Makers May 2022
2022/06/04 2021 Ruckers Double added to Custom Gallery
2022/05/10 Marais Project’s Australian Monody added to Discography
2021/12/20 Digital harpsichords
2021/10/06 Replacing a revival-style double string
2021/06/22 Chinese Bibliography
2021/05/17 那是哪種大鍵琴?
2020/12/19 Real bird quill
2020/11/19 2021 Ruckers Double added to Work in Progress
2020/07/24 2020 Ruckers Double added to Custom Gallery
2020/07/09 2020 Ruckers Double added to Work in Progress
2020/04/11 Zak Zhou Work Experience
2020/04/07 2019 Ruckers Double added to Custom Gallery
2020/02/09 2020 Ruckers Double added to Work in Progress
2020/01/15 CBH Press Gallery — Limelight September 2019
2019/12/05 Artaserse added to Discography
2019/11/23 Mark Kroll’s two final complete Couperin discs vol 8 & vol 9 added to Discography
2019/07/04 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2019 Carmel Bach Festival
2019/06/27 1775 Jacob & Abraham Kirckman double-manual harpsichord added to collection
2019/06/25 2019 Ruckers Double added to Work in Progress
2019/05/07 Christophe Rousset’s Frescobaldi added to Discography
2019/04/01 The Coronation of Poppea added to Discography
2019/01/28 Bach/Louie temperament
2019/01/22 2016 Ruckers Double added to Custom Gallery
2018/04/17 Handel Great Suites added to Projects
2018/04/14 Gurrumul’s Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) added to Discography
2018/04/13 Peter Rabbit digital single & original motion picture score added to Discography
2018/01/21 Ruckers Double added to Work in Progress
2017/11/30 Theodora added to Discography
2017/09/10 Neidhardt’s Kleine Stadt 1732 temperament
2017/08/07 Handel Great Suites added to Discography
2017/08/07 ACO Mountain added to Discography
2017/07/06 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2017 Carmel Bach Festival
2017/05/17 Our new pair of flightcases
2016/12/21 Matthew Doust Work Experience
2016/10/09 Vivaldi’s “Bajazet” added to Discography
2016/10/04 Telemann Sonatas, Sonatinas and Fantasias added to Discography
2016/07/17 The Haydn Album added to Discography
2016/03/21 Gerlach Clavichord added to Custom Gallery
2015/12/03 Lisa Work Experience
2015/11/25 Lambert temperament
2015/10/26 Instant claviorganum added to Technical Library
2015/10/05 Gerlach Clavichord added to Work in Progress
2015/07/12 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2015 Carmel Bach Festival
2015/07/03 Scotch College Melbourne Ruckers Double added to Custom Instruments section
2015/06/11 Eighth-comma well temperament
2014/11/20 Salut! baroque —  Celebrating 20 years added to Discography
2014/11/08 Richard Tognetti/ACO The 4 Seasons CD added to Discography
2014/11/07 Jane Rutter’s Vivaldi CD added to Discography
2014/08/30 Sketches
2014/08/04 #Tiny Bach
2014/07/18 Giasone added to Discography
2014/05/22 Article by Monica Heary following National Trust Heritage Award for the restored 1773 Kirckman
2014/04/13 Ruckers Double page added to Work in Progress
2014/02/09 1796 John Broadwood and Son square pianoforte added to collection.
2014/01/17 Interview by Anna McMichael for Pinchgut Opera Newsletter
2013/10/19 Castor & Pollux added to Discography
2013/11/11 Interview by Nick Galvin about the debut of the restored 1773 Kirckman
2013/10/19 Touchons du bois added to Discography
2013/10/14 Orfeo, crossing the Ganges
2013/10/06 Tricks
2013/10/06 Tuning the Continuo Organ
2013/10/06 Tranposing the Continuo Organ
2013/10/06 Setting up the Continuo Organ added to Technical Library
2013/07/09 Joanna Butler added to Who’s Who pages
2013/07/06 中國大陸的羽管鍵琴
2013/06/25 Marpourg’s temperament
2013/06/25 Rameau’s temperament
2013/05/10 The Sydney Consort’s Strings–Sackbuts–Serpent CD for our discography
2013/05/31 李瑋聰的實習經驗
2013/05/02 Weicong Li Work Experience
2013/04/11 Harpsichords in China
2013/04/01 1770 Baker Harris spinet added to collection.
2013/04/01 Original Instrument Collection entry page
2013/04/01 2012 Ruckers Double added to Custom Instruments
2013/02/23 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2013 Carmel Bach Festival
2013/01/11 李宗懋的實習經驗
2012/12/16 Mao Lee Work Experience
2012/12/03 Pinchgut Opera’s Griselda CD for our discography
2012/10/27 Egarr’s English Ord temperament
2012/10/04 CBH Press Gallery — The Australian October 4 2012
2012/10/03 1773 Kirckman
2012/09/11 Discography entry page
2012/09/07 Czech Bibliography
2012/09/04 Keyframe height adjustment
2012/08/22 Chronology
2012/08/16 Restoration of the Honolulu 1951 Challis
2012/07/24 Handel / Purcell CD for our discography
2012/07/24 Baroque Duets CD for our discography
2012/07/22 Key alignment
2012/07/08 Loose soundboard ribs
2012/07/06 Musical Instrument Insurance
2012/07/05 How to tune the 2011 Bach/Swich temperament
2012/07/03 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2012 Carmel Bach Festival
2012/06/29 Portuguese Lexicon
2012/06/23 How to tune Neidhardt’s Temperament “für eine große Stadt”
2012/04/08 Italian Virginal 2011 added to Custom Instruments
2012/03/29 Ruckers Double for Royal Opera House, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman added to Custom Instruments
2012/03/12 Temperament FAQ
2012/03/08 Resumo Português — Portuguese résumé
2012/01/29 Backpinning
2012/01/16 How to tune the Bach/Hill temperament
2011/12/19 Diana Ford added to Who’s Who pages
2011/12/15 초기 키보드 튜닝
2011/12/11 Klop Continuo Organ
2011/12/04 L’anima del filosofo: Orpheus + Eurydice CD for our discography
2011/11/06 Reattaching the pedal lyre
2011/10/30 Bridge detachment
2011/10/30 Flemish Marbling
2011/10/18 Early Keyboard Lantern Slides
2011/10/17 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 1983/11/25
2011/10/10 Evaluation
2011/10/09 معلومات عن كاري بيبي — Arabic résumé
2011/10/03 Opera Australia projects page
2011/09/29 Ruckers Double Harpsichord for Pymble Ladies’ College added to Work in Progress
2011/09/15 Chromatic tuning apps
2011/09/03 Differences between the revival and historic types of harpsichord
2011/08/27 Key balancing
2011/08/13 Wayward soundboards
2011/08/13 Soundboard crack repair
2011/08/13 Soundboard cracks
2011/07/28 Harpsichord tuning problems
2011/07/05 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2011 Carmel Bach Festival
2011/03/20 Bach and Harmonious Euphony duo harpsichord CD for our discography
2011/02/26 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 2011/03/08
2011/02/16 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 1996/03/19
2011/02/16 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 1988/11/23
2011/02/16 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 1984/11/22
2011/02/16 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 1979/01/25
2011/02/16 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auction 1978/12/12
2011/02/15 古鍵琴調音
2011/02/13 Exhibitions
2011/02/13 Early Keyboard Tuning
2010/12/26 Italian Virginal added to Work in Progress
2010/10/24 Viennese fortepiano action problems
2010/10/13 Mozart Requiem release from ABC Classics for our discography
2010/10/13 Зима в Москве
2010/09/25 Essay by Malcolm Bilson: Observations on tuning a Fortepiano
2010/09/25 Removing the Fortepiano lid
2010/09/25 Extracting the Fortepiano action
2010/09/25 Setting up the Fortepiano
2010/09/25 New early piano section for Technical Library: Introducing the Fortepiano
2010/08/31 Winter in Moscow
2010/08/28 Ruckers Double for Royal Opera House, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman added to Work in Progress
2010/08/24 Documents for download
2010/08/19 Essay by D. Jacques Way: Plain Talk About Funny Harpsichords
2010/07/27 Latest release from MSM for our discography
2010/07/27 Latest release from ABC Classics for our discography
2010/07/27 Latest release from ABC Classics for our discography
2010/07/24 Yamanashi Kofu Early Music Contest
2010/07/20 Wire type identification
2010/07/14 Glossary added to all Multilingual Lexicon pages
2010/07/09 Keyboard Musing or Tuning on the Fly
2010/07/04 修復報告 Kirkpatrick的1966 William Dowd 法式雙排 羽管鍵琴(現歸香港文化中 心所有)
2010/07/04 Russian Lexicon — Русский Клавесинный Лексикон
2010/06/15 Shanghaied! — 尋覓羽管鍵琴的故事
2010/06/15 Pinnock Modern temperament
2010/06/11 Shanghaied!
2010/03/21 Surplus harpsichord parts and oddments
2010/02/15 Another Australian soundboard
2010/01/29 Ruckers Double for Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore added to Work in Progress
2009/12/03 Latest release from Pinchgut Opera for our discography
2009/11/26 Latest release from Salut! Baroque for our discography
2009/11/04 Latest release from the BIS label for our discography
2009/08/27 Gerlach Clavichord added to Custom Gallery
2009/03/16 Packing the Garlick French Double in the new flightcase
2009/03/16 New flightcase
2009/03/16 Regal flightcase
2009/02/21 Korean Lexicon 한국어 하프시코드 사전
2009/02/21 Hwang Yoon-Chan Work Experience & 직업 교육
2009/02/07 Cadet Harpsichord from Atelier Marc Ducornet
2009/01/22 Harpsichords in the News added to our Links pages
2009/01/05 Sotheby’s Musical Instrument Auctions section with several dozen pages
2009/01/05 Latest release of Cherry Ripe from the Richard Bonynge Collection for our discography
2008/12/29 Delrin conversion from original leather plectra
2008/12/16 Latest release of Juditha Triumphans for our discography
2008/11/24 New Italian Virginal kit from The Paris Workshop
2008/06/30 Packing the flightcase with the Ruckers Double & Table Stand
2008/05/22 Gerlach Clavichord added to Work in Progress
2008/05/13 Tuning without Tears  쉬운 조율법
2008/05/13 Harpsichord Longevity  하프시코드의 올바른 보관법
2008/04/14 Timothy Murray Work Experience
2008/03/21 Three new movies on our Flix page
2008/03/18 Latest release on the BIS label from trombonist Christian Lindberg
2008/02/25 Young II temperament
2008/02/05 An Australian soundboard
2007/08/21 Picture from QANTAS The Australian Way
2007/08/21 Latest releases from Richard Tognetti and the 4 soundtrack for our discography
2007/07/25 Regal available for hire from January 2008
2007/07/05 Sixth-comma Meantone (Silbermann) temperament
2007/05/22 Harpsichord Longevity 羽管鍵琴長壽
2007/04/04 Harpsichord Longevity チェンバロを長く使うために
2007/03/18 Vast Productions 4
2007/02/26 Stagger
2007/02/11 Tongue adjustment
2007/02/11 Hubbard tongue replacement movie
2007/02/10 Zuckermann tongue replacement movie
2007/02/10 Maintenance Tour FAQ
2006/12/13 Links to previous tour schedules from Maintenance page
2006/12/20 Harpsichord Longevity
2006/12/13 Wanted page
2006/12/07 The new Bach/O’Donnell temperament
2006/10/04 Russian résumé — О Кейри Биби
2006/09/30 Clavichord key carving movie
2006/09/30 Tuning without Tears  調音的秘方
2006/09/04 Latest release from Richard Tognetti for our discography
2006/08/18 Press Gallery addition for fineMUSIC double page picture spread
2006/08/11 Two new pages to assist your First time on the historic harpsichord or modern harpsichord
2006/08/10 Russian Bibliography
2006/07/15 Revized Discography section to individual pages
2006/07/14 Carmel Bach Festival Tune-o-meter
2006/07/09 Early Keyboard Instrument Gallery for the 2006 Carmel Bach Festival
2006/07/08 Jessica Hsieh Work Experience page also available in Traditional Chinese
2006/06/26 Ruckers Double sound sample with Trevor Pinnock and the Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra
2006/05/22 Flix page with detailed links to all the movie files on our site and a few hosted on external sites as well
2006/04/24 Soundbytes page assembling all the links to the various sound files
2006/02/20 Pictures of simple and traditional wooden jacks
2006/02/20 Harpsichord Teachers
2006/02/20 Large links page split to provide Harpsichord Makers — non-European
& Harpsichord Makers — European
2006/01/27 Previous Korg Tuners
2005/12/21 Mozart’s birthday
2005/12/06 Plectra material
2005/10/10 Testimonials
2005/09/02 Press Gallery addition for Trevor Pinnock article
2005/07/24 Kirkpatrick’s 1966 Dowd restringing & revoicing
2005/07/20 Setting up the Louis XVI table stand
2005/06/30 Overseas Secondhand Instrument List
2005/06/14 The new Bach/Lehman temperament
2005/05/02 Italian résumé updated
2005/05/02 Spanish Bibliography
2005/04/14 Tuning without Tears  楽々調律
2004/12/06 Stolen Harpsichords
2004/10/21 Instrument Gallery detailing all the kits from THE PARIS WORKSHOP
2004/10/21 Sample page from THE PARIS WORKSHOP construction manual added to each of the kit pages
2004/10/06 Who’s Who
2004/09/06 Setting up the Ruckers table stand
2004/09/04 Comprehensive links to websites of Other Harpsichord Makers
2004/08/25 Press Gallery addition from BraviSSimO! about the new harpsichord for the Singapore Symphony
2004/07/25 Harpsichord Fantasy
2004/07/20 Finnish Lexicon
2004/07/18 Carmel Bach Festival
2004/07/10 How the harpsichord works including animated closeup of the jack in operation.
2004/06/27 Setting up the Neapolitan harpsichord
2004/06/17 Polish résumé
2004/05/19 NZ Ruckers Double added to Custom Gallery
2004/05/04 Several new temperaments added to Technical Library section
2004/04/13 Drop covers for the instruments on table stands
2004/03/22 Custom Instrument Galleries
2004/03/13 Diderot’s Encyclopédie
2004/03/13 Packing the flightcase
2004/03/01 Brush technique and Winding a string loop movies added to Technical Library section
2004/03/01 Specifications added to all instruments in Custom Gallery
2004/03/01 Franco-Flemish Double for the Singapore Symphony added to Custom Gallery
2004/02/25 Kerensa McElroy Work Experience
2004/02/23 Kirckman 1760 progressive restringing
2004/02/23 Two Press Gallery additions from Limelight and Highlife
2004/02/05 Portuguese Bibliography
2004/02/05 Dutch résumé

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