Truly one of the most
magical musical instruments…

ONE of the crowning glories of any civilization must surely be the creation of its music and the instruments on which it can be realized.

Those of us who love the harpsichord and recognize its place at the pinnacle of Western musical achievement should occasionally be humbled: Let’s remember that we’re elevating something with only six short centuries of history, originating from only a tiny area of the world’s total surface.

The harpsichord then is really only a small—but brilliant—reflection of the enormous diversity of mankind.

IT’S not through some arcane or esoteric interest, though, that the harpsichord has undergone its resurgence in recent times. The harpsichord as a musical instrument is indeed alive today, crossing boundaries inspired by historically informed performance to appear on genre-diverse CDs, recent films and even a breakdance collaboration with the Red Bull Flying Bach tour.

Although computers still only remain a poor substitute for visceral human experience, I invite you to share some of our enthusiasm for this most wonderful European instrument of past centuries by becoming a regular visitor to these pages.

And no matter where you live or work, I especially look forward to you being able to savor our instruments and services in person, putting them to the ultimate test soon.

Carey Beebe

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Harpsichord maintenance…

If your instrument is not performing at its best, check our Maintenance page and the comprehensive information in our Technical Library.

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The Double-fretted Clavichord
after Hubert

Double-strung in Birkett brass
One 51-note keyboard C–d''' A415
Boxwood naturals, cherry accidentals, pearwood arcades
Intricately carved keylevers
Soundboard rose by Janine Johnson
French cherry case
Matching cabriole-leg stand


$15000 (GST exempt)

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