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Ruckers Double soundboard painting by Diana Ford 44K jpeg The Ruckers Double Harpsichord

2 x 8⁠´, 1 x 4⁠´, buff on back 8⁠´
Stop registers worked by brass levers through nameboard
Two 56+1-note reverse keyboards GG–d''' A392/A415/A440
Tapered wooden jacks with natural delrin plectra
Strung in Malcom Rose red & yellow brass, and P-wire
Gilded rose
Soundboard painting by Diana Ford using Australian motifs
  in style of early I Ruckers
Handpainted Soldier Blue exterior, bright mouldings
Flemish printed papers to keywell, soundboard rim & lid interior
Latin mottos on lid interior
Seven leg table stand in French oak
Matching stool with buttoned leather seat
Oak music desk & lid sticks


Commission for Scotch College, Melbourne

Scotch College Melbourne logo 15K jpeg


Scotch College harpsichord: Lid attached and casework complete 43K jpeg Scotch College harpsichord: Case with first coat of blue 47K jpeg
Lid attached and casework complete First coat of blue

Scotch College harpsichord: Case painting complete & case papered 53K jpeg Scotch College harpsichord: Oak parts ready for finishing 52K jpeg
Painting complete, and case papered Oak parts (music desk, lid sticks & table stand) ready for finishing

Scotch College harpsichord: Stringing 77K jpeg Scotch College harpsichord: Papering the lid 50K jpeg
Stringing underway Papering the lid

Scotch College harpsichord: Latin motto on lid 60K jpeg Scotch College harpsichord: Attaching nameboard batten 53K jpeg
Lettering the Latin mottos Attaching nameboard batten

Scotch College harpsichord: Finished stool 52K jpeg
Finished oak stool with buttoned leather seat

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