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Italian Virginal gluing on the sharps 51K jpeg The Italian Virginal

1 x 8⁠´, no buff
One 56+1-note boxwood & ebony keyboard GG–d''' A415/A440/A466
Traditional beech jacks, weighted, with delrin plectra
Strung in Malcolm Rose wire
False inner-outer construction, maple and limewood
Gothic-style rose by Janine Johnson
Swiss pine soundboard, cherry bridges, maple mouldings
Turned beech stand & matching music desk


Private ownership, Melbourne



Italian Virginal postcard thumbnail 7K jpeg
Download postcard.


Italian Virginal gluing on the sharps 51K jpeg Italian Virginal hinges 46K jpeg
Gluing on the sharps Finished hinges

Italian Virginal lid fitted 37K jpeg Italian Virginal case together 41K jpeg
Lid fitted Case interior

Italian Virginal soundboard 26K jpeg Italian Virginal case painting 45K jpeg
Soundboard ready for installation Case after second coat of paint

Italian Virginal rose 52K jpeg Italian Virginal tunig pin detail after stringing 42K jpeg
Gothic-style rose installed Instrument strung

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