Stolen Harpsichords

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Missing Maene square piano 42K jpeg

2007 replica by Chris Maene of a square piano by the Viennese maker Ignaz Kober (1788)
61 notes: FF–f''', four square section tapered legs.

Missing from a TNT Express shipment from Belgium to Canada, August 2010.

Recovered in TNT Montréal warehouse September 15.

1983 French Double after Hemsch by Tokyo Koten Gakki Centre
Black exterior, white interior, gold bands & mouldings, seven turned & fluted legs, without music desk or lid stick.

The instrument had been detuned in preparation for the move by a shipping company from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor Michigan. The moving van was stolen in Los Angeles on the evening of Wednesday September 1 2004, but recovered empty the next day.

Please notify the harpsichord owner James Dorsa directly with any information.

Stolen French Double 21K jpeg

Stolen Spinet 17K jpeg

French Spinet after Goujon by Atelier de la Grande Maison
61 notes: FF–f''', transposing keyboard, case interior and exterior painted red, gold moulding & bands, three fluted legs with gilded rings, no gilding on the flutes.

Stolen from Professor Claire Bodin-Lesburgueres in Metz (eastern France) mid-2003.

Please notify Atelier Marc Ducornet directly with any information.

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