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Some of the titles we stock…
de Blaise cover 3K jpeg

de Blaise, William: Harpsichords Maintenance Manual

The instruments of this London maker of the 1960s were exported the world over. To assist the current owners of these harpsichords, we have reprinted the original maintenance manual and comb bound it with a clear plastic cover and back. This booklet is essential for understanding the intended setup and operation of these twentieth-century instruments.

Jorgensen cover 5K jpeg

Jorgensen, Owen: The Equal-Beating Temperaments

Jorgensen has written more than one weighty and learned tome on tuning, but his popular 36-page pamphlet gives directions in language that most musicians can understand for tuning 14 temperaments. It uses simple musical notation to show which intervals are tuned pure and which notes require tempering by comparing the beat speeds of two intervals.

Klop cover 5K jpeg

Klop, GC: Harpsichord Tuning — Course Outline

Klop’s 32-page pamphlet approaches the subject from a somewhat different viewpoint to Jorgensen, so most enquiring musicians eventually end up with both. There are some good general hints and several temperaments are discussed, although not every one in sufficient detail for them all to be tuned. Beat speeds are given for the most usual temperaments—a metronome will ensure accuracy here. This is the slightly revized 1983 reprint.

Sperrhake cover 2K jpeg

Taylor, Robert S: Manual for the care and adjustment of Sperrhake Harpsichords

This 43-page manual for Sperrhake instruments was authored by the US agent in 1965 and revized by him in 1968. It has helpful discussion of all facets of action and tuning, and includes two pages of diagrams. We have reprinted the neatly typed original, then comb bound with a clear plastic cover, card and plastic back.

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For a comprehensive list of books relevant to early keyboard instruments, please refer to our Bibliography section. (The books listed in the Bibliography section are not for sale.)

Hubbard Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making cover 5K jpeg

Hubbard, Frank: Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making

A classic text with elegant hand-drawn plates. A 1960s examination of the then-known surviving historic harpsichords of various schools with details of their construction.

Hardcover with dustjacket in plastic sleeve, $50 including GST. SOLD

Neupert “How to Maintain a Modern Harpsichord” cover 5K jpeg

Neupert, Hanns: How to Maintain a Modern Harpsichord

English translation published by Bärenreiter in 1968, useful for the upkeep of revial harpsichords, 24 pages, $20 including GST. SOLD

Zuckermann The Modern Harpsichord cover 8K jpeg

Zuckermann, Wolfgang: The Modern Harpsichord

The central theme of The Modern Harpsichord—that harpsichords should be made today as they were in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries—altered the course of modern harpsichord development. The story behind the book, and the jacks that Wolfgang collected from makers all over the world, can be found on our Wolfgang’s Jacks page.

Hardcover with dustjacket in plastic sleeve, $85 including GST. SOLD

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