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Many thanks and much love to my cousin Graeme Thompson, who got me started on this project in the mid-1990s—long before the internet grew—and to the many colleagues, clients and friends who were able to tell me what they really needed on a harpsichord website—and continue to do so.

Special acknowledgement needs to be paid to those who continue to assist making this a truly international site, by kindly providing content, localization and translations: These are people who love their music as much as their computer…

Arabic 1K gif ‎العربية   Tony Barbour (Almutarjim)
German 1K gif DEUTSCH   Reinhard Steller
English 1K gif ENGLISH   Geoffrey Benjamin
Spanish 1K gif ESPAÑOL   Colin Whiteley; Oscar Milani; Rafael Marijuán Adrián
Finnish 1K gif SUOMI   Jaana van Schevikhoven
French 1K gif FRANÇAIS   Pastór de Lasala; Marc Ducornet; Suzanne Delaunay
Hindi 1K gif हिन्दी   Hema Murty; Arushi Mugdal
Italian 1K gif ITALIANO   Marie-Louise Catsalis; Ferdinando Granziera; Domenico Statuto
Japanese 1K gif 日本語   Jojiro Kimura; Craig Hansen; Tae Ioka & Haruo Hikino
Korean 1K gif 한국어   Hwang Yoon Joo; Hwang Doojin; Joo Hyun-Jung; Hwang Yoon-Chan
Dutch 1K gif NEDERLANDS   Jan Kalsbeek; Colin van der Lecq
Polish 1K gif POLSKI   Gregory Tondys & Joanna Butler
Portuguese 1K gif PORTUGUÊS   Eduardo Antonello; Waldo Temporal
Russian 1K gif РУССКИЙ   Vladislav Nekliaev; Anthony Bonamici; Artem Belov
Swedish 1K gif SVENSKA   Tilman Skowroneck; Joel Speerstra
Chinese 1K gif 繁體中文     Chris & Lee Hilton; Brandon P Adrien; Victor Lee; Jessica Hsieh; Mao Lee; Li Weicong; Zhou Xinghan

Carey Beebe tuning at the 2010 Carmel Bach Festival — portrait by Ron Jones 15K jpeg

Portrait of Carey Beebe at the 2010 Carmel Bach Festival by Ron Jones, r.r. jones photography.

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