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Calling from overseas? We do not keep regular business hours. Our workshop phone has an answering machine when unattended or after hours. Please also consider the time zone before you call: Sydney is GMT+10hrs, or GMT+11 during our summer daylight savings time (first Sunday of October through first Saturday of April).

In Sydney it is now:

iPhone 5 3K gif My personal mobile number is +61 408 239 267.
After hours? Emergency calls only, thank you.
SMS anytime.


We no longer receive facsimile transmissions.


Our postal address for all deliveries is:

      Carey Beebe Harpsichords
      Factory 35/17 Lorraine Street
      Peakhurst  NSW  2210


The easiest way to contact us online is to open the appropriate contact form for your enquiry:

Sorry, we are unable to give general opinions or advice on pianos less than 180 years old, nor do we purchase them: Please contact your local piano technician or music store instead.



With apologies in advance for any inconvenience to those who may wish to contact us, in an effort to reduce the thousands of spam messages received every month by thwarting the spam robots which incessantly trawl the web, this is now the only page on our site listing our eMail address: Please look below.

If you wish to send ordinary eMail, to have your communications received and enjoyed, please note the following netiquette:

  • No mail is accepted from “.biz” domains.
  • Adjust your mail program preferences so that your mail is sent as “plain text” contained in the body of the message, not “RTF”, or “HTML”, otherwise your eMail may risk being discarded as spam.
  • Always use the subject line and make it relevant to your message.
  • Please identify yourself fully, and mention your locality because this information may not be obvious from your eMail address.
  • There is no need to quote entire messages when you reply to our communications.
  • Kindly do not send unsolicited attachments of any type: It’s considered more polite to ask first.
Sorry: Messages not conforming to the above are at risk of being automatically discarded without any notice to the sender. If you don’t hear back from us, normally by second business day, please check your bulk or spam mail folders or use our Contact Form instead.

The Internet Industry Association has useful fact sheets which you can download regarding internet security and sensible eMail use, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority can assist you with reporting SPAM.


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We welcome personal callers to our Sydney workshop by prior appointment only, so please be sure to contact us well ahead of time.

Details of how to find our workshop can be found here.

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Sole Australasian Agent for THE PARIS WORKSHOP

– oOo –

Factory 35/17 Lorraine Street, Peakhurst NSW 2210

Telephone (02) 9534 2002
iPhone (0408) 239 267

Telephone +61 2 9534 2002
iPhone +61 408 239 267


Personal callers are welcome to our workshop by appointment.

Questions? Please address all your early keyboard instrument enquiries to Carey Beebe.